Life Groups

We believe strongly that God never intended for us to do life alone...we were made for community...we were made to do life together. What if everyone had a place where they felt loved, had a group of people they trusted and knew they were not alone? During 2013, life groups at Re:new continued to grow, igniting the idea of new life-giving, life-enhancing relationships with others that will stand the test of time. Come be a part of what God is up to through life groups at Re:new Community Church.


Many men hate church. Why? Men hate church because we sing, hug, hold hands, and sometimes cry! We also tend to make our buildings very clean, pastel, and flowery. What if men, that have a hard time with that kind of environment, could explore church, and more importantly God, in an environment that was perhaps a little more safe and comfortable for them? We think Man-Church will do that. Soon, we will have Man-Church on Thursday Nights at a local BBQ place where the food is free, and guys can begin to figure out who this God is and what He has in mind for us.