My Re:new connections

By logging into the My Re:new portal, you can search for upcoming events, search for community groups & bible studies, see the ministries that you can (or do) serve in.  You can also access the secure people directory. Use the directory to look up other Re:newers' contact information (email address, phone number) so that you may foster a better connection within your church community!

Please Note:  Information in the directory is secure and is only shared with attenders of Re:new who have opted to share their information.

You can also access information about upcoming events and ways to participate and serve at Re:new directly from your smartphone by downloading the FREE app.  Click here to learn more.

Please use the interface below to login to your account.  You will need to use the email address that we have for you in our check-in station system. Questions regarding account setup and/or troubleshooting can be addressed on Sundays at the Welcome Desk or by emailing