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Community and Suburban Missionaries

Re:new is a Suburban Missionary Church. Yes, we believe in Foreign Missions, but, our DNA is in Suburban Missions. We organize ourselves as such and dedicate numerous resources to serving and loving our community. If you view Suburban Missions and Foreign Missions on a continuum based on Acts 1:8, you will see that Jesus tells the apostles that they will witness/testify to the good news - locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.  We simply start locally and work our way out. 

At Re:new we believe in Community. We believe in a community of fellowship where believers in Jesus Christ “Do Life” together by coming together as the early church in Act 2:42, devoting ourselves to teaching, fellowship and prayer. It is part of our DNA and what you can expect when you become a “Re:newer”.

We also believe in Community Development. Community Development, by common definition, is a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems their community faces.

A Christian approach to community development is intended to focus on areas where other programs struggle – creating a dependency model. The bible teaches restoration, not dependency. Christian Community Development begins with people transformed by the love of God, who then respond to God's call to love Him rightly (Mk 12:30). This produces a heart change within a person that transforms him/her and allows them to love their neighbors. This is a perpetual and impactful model for change that transforms a community.

Serve at the community center.

More info and serving opportunities. Read more.

Big Serve community serve projects.

Join in as we serve our community. Send interest through the Contact Us page.

Get involved in the local church.

Regular serving opportunities with Renew. Read more.

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