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Worship Team Application

Before you audition…. 

We are so thankful for your interest in Renew's Music & Song Ministry. We understand the pressure and the stress that comes with auditioning, but we want you to be comfortable in your experience with us. You will audition individually and be working with a very small group of team members. We believe in creating a safe and encouraging environment for auditions and want you to feel at home! 

If you are currently involved with another church, we ask that you stay committed to that church – we believe in supporting local churches and working with them to reach our community. If you have decided to make Renew your church home, we ask that you first attend a CONNECTIONS class and get plugged into another ministry and start serving. 


Worship Team Requirements 

  • Attend Renew Community Church services and special events as a leader and vision-carrier.

       We believe in being Christian leaders on and off the platform.

  • Be at least 18 years of age to serve on this platform. If you are under 18, let's chat about Remix!! 

  • Attend a Connections Class.

  • Serve in another ministry at Renew before auditioning for the Worship Team.

       Children's Church, Welcome Team, Pantry, Auto, Youth Group, etc.​

  • Attend all required RCC Music & Song Ministry events including: meetings, rehearsals  & clinics.

  • Commit to preparation and excellence with your gifts and abilities.

  • Living a life worthy of the calling God has given us, ON and OFF the platform. We are more than                                                          just musicians & singers. We want to be above reproach in every area of our lives.

  • We strongly encourage you to be part of a home or community group at Renew. 


What do we believe? 

  • We believe Jesus Christ is the son of God, who took on flesh, and died in our place so that we could have life everlasting. He is the ONLY way to the father (John 14:6). We believe everything that we do, every decision we make, is in response to that love to bring His name glory and honor. (1 Corinthians 13:23-33).

  • Our responsibility as worship leaders (everyone on the platform) is to exemplify that love, and sacrifice, that Jesus showed to us, to the body of Christ and to the rest of the world. We believe we are so much more than musicians and singers. Our identity is found in Jesus as sons and daughters of the King. 

  • We believe we are the frontline in the battle that rages on in the heavenly realm. (Ephesians 6:12) It starts with our worship. Which is our response to who God is and everything He has done, because He IS WORTHY. 

What are our goals? 

  • To identify and develop the musical talent of our team members and congregation.   

  • To inspire worship in musicians, vocalists and the congregation, through the use of God-given musical talents. 

  • To bring together the team (musicians & vocalists) in unified expression. 

  • To emphasize a spirit of worship while maintaining musical excellence. 

  • To communicate WHO God is, and WHY He is worthy of everything we have to give, through singing and music. We place a heavy level of scrutiny on the lyrics that we sing, in order that we may be confident in the message we teach to others. (Matthew 12:36) 

  • Continued growth both spiritually and in our abilities, never settling for comfortability. 

  • To create a ministry where you can serve, grow, fellowship, and be a part of a big family. 

  • To create an atmosphere every week, where the Holy Spirit has full control to direct and move, and people can be lead to the throne room of God, through the direction of the Holy Spirit, to be transformed through the renewing of their minds. (Romans 12:12)  

What do you need to get started? 

  • HEADPHONES ARE REQUIRED. We use in ear monitors (IEMs) as well a click and backing track. This allows us to hear each other with clarity, and stay in time together through transitions and song intros.

  • A smart phone, tablet, or computer. We schedule people, songs and services through an app call Planning Center Online (PCO). You will need to confirm your scheduled dates, as well as use the tools we provide for preparation from week to week.

  • We provide various types of equipment for use if you need help with gear. Although, we do strongly encourage you to invest in your own equipment.

Worship Team Application

Now, we’d like to get to know you more. Throughout the application we want to communicate our vision and some things we believe, as well as some standard expectations. We strongly encourage you to fill out the form thoroughly and honestly. We look forward to helping you find your place to serve at Renew Community Church.

CLICK HERE FOR A FILLABLE PDF Application   ****IMPORTANT**** Use YOUR NAME and the email "" when opening the pdf application. This will allow you to send the completed pdf directly to our music director, Dixie Hardin. 

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