Defining renew


One of the best ways to determine what a Church believes is what actions it takes, that is, what it decides to do based on those beliefs.  To understand what we believe at Re:new, it is important to understand these decisions that define us. To download a digital version of these decisions with biblical references, click here.

  • We have decided that teaching the gospel without demonstrating the gospel in love is not enough.  

  • We have decided that having a good church club is not enough, good fellowship is not enough, and just being a member of that club is not enough. 

  • We have decided that having good programs is not enough, that change without transformation is intolerable, and that staying where we are is not an option.  

  • We have decided that singing songs without worshiping is empty, and having meetings without inviting and acknowledging God’s presence is pointless. 

  • We have decided to let the Bible be our authority and guide for life; not opinions, preferences, or creeds. 

  • We have decided that reading about the book of Acts without living the book of Acts is unthinkable.  

  • We have decided that confident faith is good but bold faith is better.  

  • We have decided to be a distribution center of God’s blessings, not just a warehouse.  

  • We have decided to be Holy Spirit filled, led, and empowered – anything less doesn’t work for us. 

  • We have decided to be the ones telling the stories of God’s power – not the ones only hearing about them. 

  • We have decided that living saved but not supernatural is not living at all, and short of what Christ died for. 

  • We have decided that we are a battle ship not a cruise ship, an army not an audience, Special Forces not spectators, missionaries not club members. 

  • We have decided to be radical lovers and outrageous givers. 

  • We have decided that we are a mission station and not a museum. 

  • We have decided to meet people where they are – but love them too much to let them stay there. 

  • We have decided to be clique-free / a hospital for the soul-sick / color-blind / & a place for second-chances. 

  • We have decided to welcome people with tattoos or not, piercings or not, suits or shorts, fat or thin, young or old, rich or poor. 

  • We have decided that it is better to fail while reaching for the impossible that God has planned for us than to succeed settling for less. 

  • We have decided to be disciples, make disciples, baptize disciples, and continue to teach disciples to obey Jesus. 

  • We have decided that in all that we do, it is for the Glory of God’s name…not our own. 

  • We have decided that we are not limited by 4 walls of a building and our influence is not restricted to one location. The people are “the church”, and we are a church in motion. 

  • We have decided that we will not be satisfied until our world cries out, “Those who have turned the world upside down have come here too”. (Acts 17:6, NKJV)