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Update: We are mobilizing volunteer teams to help remove debris and to help bring stability to those impacted by recent tornados in Little Rock, Arkansas and also Rolling Fork, Mississippi.

We are partnering with local organizations and will be trained and deployed on the ground by a national disaster relief organization. 



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After Sunday Services 4/2/23 we will focus on North Little Rock, AR. 
(Estimated 2-week effort)

Also, weekly day trips to help in Rolling Fork, MS. (Estimated 12-16 week effort)

We are organizing volunteer teams to deploy to Little Rock, AR and also Rolling Fork, MS to join relief organizations already on the ground helping with debris clean-up and residents impacted by recent tornados.

Here's How You Can Help
1. Pray

For God to rally those who can join in and be the hands and feet of Christ. For His presence and provision to be confirmed for those seeking Him right now.

2. Give

You can send a gift of any amount to be used in partnership with our on the grand partners in their efforts to help stabilize and protect the victims of the tornados.

3. Go  

We are organizing trips to join relief organizations and volunteers already on the ground helping. Sign-up via email above to receive next steps and list of items we will need as well as a schedule for volunteer service. Thank you! We will be in touch.

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